F.A.Q. CANCELLATION (click here)


Will I get my money back if I change my mind to go?

For cancellations made less than 2 weeks before the course start date, Camino Barcelona will charge 2 weeks of the course plus the registration fee and 1 week of accommodation. If a cancellation is made more than 2 weeks before the commencement of the course, Camino Barcelona will cancel the invoice initially sent, retaining just a 50 euro cancellation fee. Any cancellations made on the first day of classes: Cancellation courses of up to 4 weeks:50% of the course fees and 100% of the accommodation fees.
Cancellation courses of over 4 weeks: 50% of a 4-week Intensive course fee and 100% of the accommodation fees for 4 weeks. Missed lessons and activities.

Does the school compensate for the lost lessons?

On public holidays will be no classes. Therefore, if a public holiday falls on a day or days during which a students is attending a course, they can expect to not receive lessons on that day. Lessons may be missed due to level testing and initiation activities on the first day of a course. Lessons may also be lost at the end of a course due to evaluation tests. There will be no recuperation or refund of classes missed for the above reasons, unless otherwise stated.